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My Very Own® Pirate Tale and Personalized Bandana Gift Set



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In My Very Own ® Pirate Tale, entertaining sea creatures bring letters one by one to spell out your child’s name, and they describe why he or she is the perfect candidate to be the captain’s first mate. The sawshark brings the S, the octopus brings the O, and so on. At the end of this adventurous story, your child’s name is revealed as the secret to opening the treasure. Includes an illustrated encyclopedia of 62 sea creatures with fun facts about each. Written by award-winning author Maia Haag, with beautiful, detailed illustrations by Lisa Falkenstern, this 9.5” x 11″ hardcover book is a unique keepsake for boys and girls from birth through age 10. Approximately 30 pages, depending on length of name. Add a skull and crossbones bandana embroidered with the child’s name for a perfect gift set! Winner of Creative Child Magazine’s Book of the Year Award, and Mom’s Choice Award. Published by I See Me! Inc. Copyright owned by I See Me! Inc.

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